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Wheels, Tyre, Mags and Shock Absorbers in Cape Town

About All Wheel and Tyre

All Wheel and Tyre was established in 1998 by owner, Jarome Franken. Jarome has two decades of experience in the automotive industry, and is a self-confessed car junkie. Starting a business like All Wheel and Tyre was a natural extension of his passion for all things automotive. It’s this wealth of experience and depth of passion that our customers have come to know and rely on. We provide a personal, professional service that is second to none.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment forms part of a standard car maintenance and involves adjusting the angles of the wheels in compliance with your car manufacturer’s specifications.


Fitment and balancing rotation

Through the process of wheel balancing, we ensure that the weight of the wheel and tyre is perfectly even around the axle.


Stretch Fit

Our tyre rotation service involves moving the wheels and tyres of your car from one position to another, in an effort to ensure even, balanced tyre wear.


We stock and fit tyres from all the industry’s leading manufactures. Some of the tyres for sale, include brands like Kumho, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Falken, Firestone, Hankook and Continental tyres.

To ensure the absolute best tyre fitment possible, we use Italian high-quality Corgi Equipment. When it comes to your safety and satisfaction, compromise is not an option!



Our tyre rotation service involves moving the wheels and tyres of your car from one position to another, in an effort to ensure even, balanced tyre wear. This not only makes your car safer, but it also extends the life of your tyres. And who doesn’t want a few extra bucks in their pocket?

The weight exerted on the front and rear axles differs, resulting in uneven wear. With the majority of cars having the engine fitted in the front, in addition to the weight of the transaxle, the front tyres generally wear down at a faster rate than those at the back. Also, extra stress is placed disproportionately on the front tyres when braking and changing direction. For these reasons, tyre rotation is required more frequently on front-wheel drive vehicles.

At All Wheel and Tyre, we offer the unique value-added service of free tyre rotation upon attainment of 10,000km of wear.  This service incorporates one free rotation, is offered at no cost and does not include alignment or balancing with this rotation.


Shocks replacement is done at our Tyrenet and All Wheel and Tyre Kuils River locations. We fit Monroe Gabriel and offer a 1-year warranty.


If you are looking for wheels, tyres, mags, rims, wheel balancing, Wheel alignment, suspension and shock absorbers in Bellville? Give us All Wheel and Tyre a call today!


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