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Spare Wheels

Spare wheels and second hand Tyres in Cape Town

These are often forgotten and overlooked, yet crucial elements of safe automotive travel. When changing a flat tyre, it’s crucial to re-acquire a spare wheel for your vehicle as soon as possible. When it comes to being unexpectedly stranded as a result of tyre failure, prevention is infinitely better than cure! Tyres can be damaged in seconds, due to road debris, which means that you always have be covered, no matter where you are driving to.

Spare tyres are available in varied sizes, depending on the model of your vehicle. Most spare tyres are not full-sized, since they are only manufactured for short-term use. In the event that your tyre is damaged, your spare wheel should only be used to get you home, or to your nearest garage. Because it is only for temporary usage, driving more than 80km/h with a spare wheel is not recommended. Having your spare tyre replaced or refitted in your vehicle once you replaced the damaged tyre is of immense importance for future emergencies. Make sure that you know exactly where your spare wheel is fastened, and how you can get it loose.

At All Wheel & Tyre, we offer premium spare wheel service and assistance. We also stock and sell the best range of second hand tyres Cape Town has to offer, which provide our clients with the option of purchasing a second hand tyre to use as their spare wheel.

Affordable second hand tyres that offer great value for money.

All Wheel and Tyre has some of the highest quality second hand tyres and we pride ourselves on ensuring that every tyre that comes into and leaves our store is well-maintained, cleaned and ready for use!

Our team is expertly trained in fitting and fixing these second hand tyres, and so clients can expect to receive products that are top quality, affordable and efficiently fitted! All Wheel and Tyre understands that sometimes, new tyres are a little too pricey, which is why we strive to provide clients with options that will fit their budget and requirements.

Our second hand tyres are on par with our new products, which is why we have become a trusted and preferred provider among our clients. Our spare wheels are no exception to this practice, and clients can rest assured that if they are ever unexpectedly stranded, a spare wheel from us will never let them down! Purchasing any of our products means that clients are ensured a safe drive on tyres that meet our own high expectations.

We ensure that we provide the most reliable spare wheels and second hand tyres available on the market, and in so doing, provide clients with safety and a smooth ride.

If you would like to speak to one of our tyre professionals about your wheeling requirements, you are more than welcome to give us a call, or send us an email.

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