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Specialist dealers

in the sale and fitment of rims and tyres


All Wheel and Tyre provides professional wheel and tyre services from three branches in Cape Town.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment forms part of a standard car maintenance and involves adjusting the angles of the wheels in compliance with your car manufacturer’s specifications.

Fitment and balancing rotation

Through the process of wheel balancing, we ensure that the weight of the wheel and tyre is perfectly even around the axle. Our tyre rotation service involves moving your wheels and tyres from one position to another, in an effort to ensure even, balanced tyre wear.

Stretch Fit

Installing a tire on a wheel size that’s larger than what’s specified for the tire, causing the tire to have to stretch to fit the wheels.”


Shock absorbers and suspension

Shocks replacement is not offered at Tyrenet – only offered at Main Branch and Kuilsriver branch. We fit Monroe Gabriel and offer a 1-year warranty.


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